The Fly-trap

Winter special!!!



The Fly-trap is a simple but very effective object that will catch many flies around your fields, specially flies that have a need for blood and therefore attack your horses. Supposedly this was an invention to catch insects in the jungle in a simple way:

The Fly-trap consists of a holder, a heat source (the ball) and the trap. Swinging slowly in the wind under the warm sun (ideal circumstances for the horse flies to attack) the bal heats up and becomes an attractive body for the flies. Once on the ball, the flies realize it’s no food source and fly up and aft. Here they always land on the conical trap. Their most logical way out is to walk further up and this leads them to the removable container from which no escape is possible. A swift and certain dead is the end result. Depending on how many flies you catch you can remove this container to empty it and then reinstall it.
The holder part includes a drill to put the base of the holder firmly in the soil.

This Fly-trap, developed by Asten Trade, The Netherlands is made of the best materials and can withstand stormy weathers. It will free your land and horses, or even yourself, from many nasty horse flies.

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