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The Driving rug is specially developed for when driving your horse in front of a cart or chariot. Driving a horse is normally an outdoor activity which in the wrong season (full of nasty flies) is hardly possible. We succeeded in designing a rug that will allow you to easily put on your horse after putting on the harness, with openings and slits for all kinds of harness/cart combinations. This rug is available in the sizes 5 till 10.

The rug consist of two parts: A body part and a neck piece. The fabric is extremely breathable and durable. The horse will be protected from above and the sides by the fabric and on the bottom side (belly) the swinging motion of the reinforced lower hem will keep all flies away, without interfering with your horse’s movements. The neck piece can be used in a ‘open/swinging’ way or in a closed/static way. This up to your preference. On the top (back) of the body part we’ve used a smooth fabric that allows for the reins to slide smoothly over the rug.
This Driving rug is a must have for every serious driver!

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