What is Sweet itch?

Sweet Itch in horses, ponies and donkeys is an allergic response to the saliva in the bite of the Culicoides midge (gnat, no-see-um, punky) and to a lesser degree the black fly (Simulium Equinum), horn fly and stable fly which gives rise to intense itching. Alternative names for Sweet Itch are IBH - insect bite hypersensitivity - Queensland Itch, Equine Summer Itch and SSRD or Summer Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis.

zomereczeem2The intense itching is followed by an autoimmune over-reaction as the immune system attempts to rectify the original mistake which results in ulceration and thickening of the skin. The allergy and the autoimmune response are both caused by immune system dysregulation.

Since there is no cure for Sweet Itch once lesions have appeared the only remedy for this affliction is one of prevention - keeping the midges off - and treatment to ameliorate the itching and discomfort.

Our Sweet itch rugs will help you to do the most important part of the treatment: Prevention!



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