Fly-Free Sweet Itch rugs


The Fly Sweet Itch rugs are uniquely designed by us to achieve the right balance between comfort and safety and so providing good protection. This is the only sweet itch rug with an open neck piece that you can close with very strong Velcro, so that you don’t have to pull it over your horses’ head. Because of this it isn’t necessary to untie your horse, thus creating a saver situation.

The belly flap is stitched to the blanket on one side. On the other side you can adjust it to the right dimensions and close it with Velcro. Three strong elastic bands will then keep it in the correct shape so that the belly flap will never hang loose. Because of this system, the belly flap is always fixed from front to rear and will always be well fitted on your horse.

Another unique feature on our rug is the Udder Protector: this simple but very effective piece will give great comfort to your mare. It is easily removed in case of suckling colts or if your horse is a stallion or gelding.

tassenThe Fly-Free Sweet Itch rug comes in a Handy bag for easy winter storage and includes: the removable Udder Protector, Chest protecting piece (which connects to the Belly flap) and a clear instruction manual with washing instructions. We also include a very handy brush to remove hairs from the Velcro parts.

This Fly-Free Sweet itch rug is available in 11 different sizes, ranging from mini Shetlanders to the biggest Shires.

 For our rugs we use the best available products. The fabric has been specially knitted to create a very strong surface with the following properties:

Rip-stop qualities: This means that if a unforeseen rupture would occur because of a sharp object, this rupture will not continue to rip open allowing you to take the right measures to close the gap again.
Rain water repellence:
We used a Du-Pont® water repellent coating which makes rain drops roll of the rug.

Perfect breathability: The fabric has very good breathing capabilities allowing sweat to leave from the inside.

These properties and qualities make this rug not only a necessity for horses with Sweet Itch, but also for horses exposed to flies and other bugs in the open.

The Fly-Free Sweet Itch rug can be washed normally at 30ºC, using any type of detergent without bleach.

During prolonged periods of rain a combination of dirt, grease and hairs can act as a conductor for water. Rain drops literally get sucked in and your horse will become wet. Also sweat will not be able to dissipate through the fabric and there might be a chance for hypothermia for your horse. We therefore strongly advice to wash the rug frequently and check it daily for a good condition. Also it is best to remove the rug in these very wet conditions to avoid these problems. In these conditions midges and flies are inactive and your horse may well enjoy the moment without the rug. Washing the rug frequently will not necessarily reduce the rain repellent feature. You can check this by pouring some water over the fabric after having washed it and once it has dried up again.

Abée-FlyFree Sweet Itch rug


New in stock is the Abée-FlyFree Sweet itch rug. This rug has been developed in cooperation with our partner in Germany, the Abée-shop, and is based on the original Fly-Free Sweet Itch rug with some modifications:
  • This rug has a closed neck piece. Despite the comfort and added value of the original open version, customers sometimes like the neck piece to be closed. It can be altered to a open version if the customers prefers this. A small extra amount will be charged for this. The standard closed version has a small opening just behind the ears which aids in smoothly putting the horse’s head through it. This small opening then is closed with Velcro.
  • The belly flap with this rug, other than with the original Fly-Free Sweet Itch rug, is adjustable on both sides. As a result of this, the connecting chest piece and Udder protector will always be centered correctly. Also the elastic bands to bring the belly flap to the right tension and fitting are located a bit higher than with the original rugs.
  • The cut has been altered so that the rug lies a bit more naturally on the horse.
  • The used clips are from the American brand Uniflex. We’re glad that with this brand we now have a stronger quality.
Other than that this rug is manufactured with the same high end quality materials we also used in the original rugs. With this Abée-FlyFree Sweet Itch rug you’ll certainly have a top end product for your horse.

Fly-Free Hoods

Our protective hoods are available in five different sizes, A till E. With these sizes we can cover almost any size head. For this hoods we’ve used a sturdy mash that will maintain its shape, preventing the mash to fold in easily and disturbing the eyes. Like with our rugs the finishing is very detailed and the materials are of the same durable quality. Just behind the ears we’ve used a soft elastic stretch to aid in sliding the hood on the head, but which will return to a good fit after it is in place.
Your horse will most definitely love this hood!

The Driving Rug


MendekenbovenwebThe Driving rug is specially developed for when driving your horse in front of a cart or chariot. Driving a horse is normally an outdoor activity which in the wrong season (full of nasty flies) is hardly possible. We succeeded in designing a rug that will allow you to easily put on your horse after putting on the harness, with openings and slits for all kinds of harness/cart combinations. This rug is available in the sizes 5 till 10.

The rug consist of two parts: A body part and a neck piece. The fabric is extremely breathable and durable. The horse will be protected from above and the sides by the fabric and on the bottom side (belly) the swinging motion of the reinforced lower hem will keep all flies away, without interfering with your horse’s movements. The neck piece can be used in a ‘open/swinging’ way or in a closed/static way. This up to your preference. On the top (back) of the body part we’ve used a smooth fabric that allows for the reins to slide smoothly over the rug.
This Driving rug is a must have for every serious driver!

The Riding Rug

The riding rug is the version of the Driving rug, but now specially for riding on the horse. This is similar to the Driving rug regarding materials and function. It has an opening on top for the saddle which is very flexible and therefore suitable for all kinds of saddles, including the largest Western saddles. This rug is available in the sizes 5 till 10.

Putting this rug on your horse is also very easy to do: when your horse is ready, with its saddle on, simply drape the rug over it, pass the leg protectors of the saddle through the flexible opening and close the chest part. The neck piece is included and optional to use: you can leave it off when accurate rein control is required or put it on for the outdoor forest ride which requires full protection. Once connected these two parts form one piece that allows all movements of your horse in any phase of riding.




The Fly-trap

foto_dazenbalwebThe Fly-trap is a simple but very effective object that will catch many flies around your fields, specially flies that have a need for blood and therefore attack your horses. Supposedly this was an invention to catch insects in the jungle in a simple way:

The Fly-trap consists of a holder, a heat source (the ball) and the trap. Swinging slowly in the wind under the warm sun (ideal circumstances for the horse flies to attack) the bal heats up and becomes an attractive body for the flies. Once on the ball, the flies realize it’s no food source and fly up and aft. Here they always land on the conical trap. Their most logical way out is to walk further up and this leads them to the removable container from which no escape is possible. A swift and certain dead is the end result. Depending on how many flies you catch you can remove this container to empty it and then reinstall it.
The holder part includes a drill to put the base of the holder firmly in the soil.

This Fly-trap, developed by Asten Trade, The Netherlands is made of the best materials and can withstand stormy weathers. It will free your land and horses, or even yourself, from many nasty horse flies.



For pregnant mares or large and heavy horses we have lengthening elastic straps. These can simply be attached to the existing belly straps.










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