Welcome on our Fly-Free Fabrics BV site . We are a small family type business which has dedicated all of it’s energy in developing and manufacturing specialized horse protective rugs, not only to protect our own horses, but also to provide your horses with an excellent and long-lasting protection from nasty bugs as midges and flies. Our main interest is to create high quality products at the just prize. By applying the best materials available and our unique designs we continuously strive to achieve that high quality. In designing our products we listen carefully to the comments and ideas by our customers and it are indeed those great ideas that make our rugs every year better and better. Rugs for, but most of all by you, our esteemed and loyal clients.

In our assortment you will find a variety of eczema / sweet-itch rugs, outdoor riding rugs and rugs specially designed for horses and chariot combinations. All of them as you’ve never seen before: Unique, smart, very easy to use and long-lasting.

With our products your horse will most certainly enjoy a Fly-Free summer season!

With great pleasure we gladly invite you to visit our web-shop!


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